Global Mamas Tree of Life Bracelet

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Each bead has a meaning: reach for the SKY remaining grounded by your ROOTS. If you lose LEAVES new ones will grow with the beauty and bounty of WISDOM.
Mix of Bauxite and recycled glass beads. Due to each piece's individuality, all sizes and lengths are approximate. Bracelets have clear elastic band. Includes tag explaining the meaning of the beads. (~7.5'')
Story Behind the Art:
Global Mamas creates hand-crafted accessories, apparel, decor, and skin care items using traditional techniques, maintaining local artisanal skills. Each product is full of life and love, and is crafted with the utmost quality. The producers in the Global Mamas network have worked together for over a decade in Ghana, West Africa developing products that resonate with consumers all over the world, and in-turn have created prosperity for themselves and their families.
Hand crafted in Ghana
Fair Trade
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